Foot Pain and Plantarfascitis

Plantarfasciitis is a painful condition where there is inflammation of the fascia (a type of tissue) on the bottom of your foot. The fascia extends from the heel, to the front of the foot. Usually, plantarfascitis is caused by repetitive trauma to the foot. Faulty biomechanics and postural distortions are the main culprits. One example is what’s referred to as pronation of the foot. When this occurs, there is more strain on the fascia and it is more easily irritated. Often, the normal arch of the foot flattens out with pronation.

There are some home remedies that will provide temporary relief. However, the most effective treatment is to correct the faulty biomechanics. A customized shoe orthotic can me provided by your chiropractor or podiatrist. Sometimes, a simple arch support can be effective.

When this condition becomes chronic, a heel spur may be seen on an x-ray. That’s when a spur of bone grows off of the heel. Heel spurs can be extremely painful. Depending on the case, surgery is a consideration when it gets to this point.

If there is also knee, hip, low back, or neck pain in addition to the foot pain, then the postural distortion in the foot has also likely affected those other areas. One area will affect the next, like a chain. A complete chiropractic assessment can determine what else is needed in the way of treatment.

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