Headaches Caused by a Neck Problem

There are many different classifications of headaches. They can vary in severity, intensity, frequency, location, and cause. One common type of headache is referred to as a cervicogenic headache. This occurs when there is neck pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, misalignment, and limited range of motion. In chiropractic this is referred to as a vertebral subluxation complex, or simply a subluxation. There is a group of muscles under the base of the skull called the suboccipital muscles. When the neck is subluxated, these muscles often go into spasm and pinch one of the occipital nerves. Pain from these nerves can go from the top of the neck, over the back and the top of the head, to the forehead, and even behind the eye. Another common diagnosis for this is occipital neuralgia. Many patients with cervicogenic headaches experience immediate and long term relief when the misalignment or subluxation in the neck is corrected.

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