How's Your Posture?

Postural assessment is a quick, but important screening tool that is used by many chiropractors. It shows where there are enough imbalances in muscle tension that the tighter muscles pull on the skeleton, causing postural abnormalities.

These muscular imbalances can be the result of traumatic injury, but are often caused by repetitive strain over a long period of time. Common imbalances are with muscles in the front of the body versus muscles in the back. For example, when you see someone who slouches with rounded shoulders and their head and neck far in front of their chest, this is often the result of tight pectoral (chest) muscles, and weak upper back muscles. These imbalances can also be from right to left, or left to right. For example, when there’s spasm lower back muscles on one side of the body, you’ll often see one side of the pelvis elevated in comparison to the other side.

As postural distortions are the result of an underlying problem, their presence can cause further damage, making the original problem that much harder to treat. A self-test that can be done at home is what we refer to as the “I” test. Take a look at a person from the back, as they’re standing straight, but relaxed. The shoulders should be level, forming the upper horizontal line of the “I.” The spine should be straight and not curved, forming the vertical line of the “I.” The pelvis and hips should be level, forming the lower horizontal line, completing the shape of the “I.”

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